Forged in Thailand.

  • Raw Material

    We upcycle hard carbon steels from heavy duty truck leaf springs or railroad tracks, turning them into functional works of sworded art. When desired, we can use imported high quality steels.

  • Hand Forged

    We forge our swords with the tools we make for the expert crafting task at hand. With over 200 years of combined experience, we utilize ancient techniques with modern expertise.

  • Expert Technique

    We temper, quench and treat our blades with expert knowledge of metalurgy and swordsmithing techniques. Our Thai artisan swordmakers use the clay from the ground to product beuatiful hamon patterns to hand forging intricate true damascus patterns.

  • Thai Gold Standard

    We're 99.9% sure you'll love your handmade product of Thailand.

  • Worldwide Air Shipping

    We ship worldwide, discreetly. Please review your local laws prior to purchase.

  • Made with Merit

    Each sword represents merit made to local Buddhist temples.